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Workshop intended for actors, dancers, musicians, theatre instructors and for amateurs who are passionate about theatre, dance and music.




The workshop organized by CHOREA is based on intensive acting training. The workshop focuses on waking up the “organicity” of an actor, by working with body, dynamic movement, voice, musicality, rhythm, and on applying all these means of expression simultaneously into a singular, complete artistic act. The workshop is also inspired by the concept of collective actor, based on intensive work with partner, and multidimensional - polyrhythmic and polyphonic - ways of working with the group.


CHOREA's method of work has two main qualities: intensity and risk - both physical and resulting from the necessity to transcend the limits of one's abilities. CHOREA workshop is moving beyond the presentation of techniques and teaching. The workshop leads to activate the creativity of the group and to create authentic, dynamic artistic event.


The programme of CHOREA workshop includes:


Dance workshop:

  • intensive physical workout with elements of acrobatics, martial arts and contemporary dance techniques
  • working with partner and space, learning how to support and secure the partners
  • working on body awareness, group awareness and concentration
  • working on dynamics and expression of movement, and on ability to improvise
  • learning choreographies inspired by iconography of ancient myths and iconography of contemporary culture, combined with intensive work with rhythm and musicality


 Voice workshop:

  • developing natural vocal possibilities, opening the voice by using basic elements of vocal and breathing techniques
  • activating body resonators, working on individual timbre and group sound
  • working with semi-tones and complex harmonic consonances
  • working on polyphonic songs from various folk traditions arranged by CHOREA musicians


Rhythm workshop:

  • working with irregular rhythms
  • activating the musicality of entire body
  • working with the pulse of the group
  • working with complex coordination and rhythmic exercises which incorporate simultaneous use of voice and movement