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Perspektywy 2015


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First special edition of Nationwide Theatre Festival Perspektywy 2015: Theatre outside the theatre, was a continuation of the cyclical International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy.


This edition of the festival was a meeting of artists who want to change the reality around them. They go beyond theatre, beyond the walls of cultural institutions, to look for new materials and new theatre language to communicate with various audience. Working in the context of social dysfunctions, mental or physical, tends to raise questions about the 'normality' and its hidden traps.


We wanted to create a space for joint participation, co-creation and exchange of ideas, work methods and techniques. We wanted to create a path of experience for all participants of the festival, as follows: MEETING - PRESENTATION - INSPIRATION - EXCHANGE - CONTINUATION - CREATING COMMON NETWORK.


Showing the most interesting theatre phenomena, placed outside of the official theatre mainstream, we wanted to stimulate theatre creators, artists, theatre project's participants and viewers to start working in a social context, and to start creating a new theatre language in this space.