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The project Take Over: “Seeing young audiences through young people’s eyes” gathers British Council (UK), Bios (Greece), CHOREA Theatre (Poland), Zaduzbina Ilije M. Kolarca (Serbia), and Teatro Limonaia (Italy), all organisations active in performing arts, driven by a strong desire to connect or re-connect with young adults (age 18-25) in an effort to engage with a wider and more diverse audience. During the project, the partners will re-imagine artistic programs from the point of view of younger generations, making a lasting impact on staff and how they involve, engage with and attract young audiences as well as an eye-opening and learning experience for the young participants.




The project proposes an innovative demand-led audience development model, establishing a Youth Board in four arts organisations in order to include young people’s voices and opinions in artistic programmes and visions. Throughout the creation of the Youth Board and the Take Over events in Greece, Poland, Serbia and Italy, partners’ staff will receive training and learn from other European experiences, notably from the UK and Finland. This will help them to better understand how to engage with young people through these innovative techniques. In parallel, the young people participating in the Youth Board will embark into a long term learning experience that will give them a unique insight of the European cultural market and equip them with new skills. In four participating countries, the Youth Board will be in charge of curating and producing “Take Over events”, as a carte blanche for them to create an offer that reflects their generation’s cultural aspirations.


The work plan includes twenty activities: a study visit, participatory workshops, a baseline and impact survey, a European seminar, series of Youth Board sessions, a mentoring scheme, four bespoke Take Over events, an external evaluation, one final conference, one online platform complemented by local communication strategies.


The results will be the promotion of a more inclusive and upstream approach of Young Audience Development in the European performing arts sector, a blueprint for Arts professionals to re-think their programmes and services from the perspective of their audience, a new generation of cultural players equipped with new skills and a unique insight of the European cultural market.


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Aleksandra Ziomek 
(…) Student of Lodz University of Technology, dedicated to sport and dance for many years. I’m trying to make the most of my time watching Polish movies, going to the concerts and reading modern literature between her work and studies. I’m a local patriot in love with the architecture of Lodz and street art (…)


Alicja Tranda
For a couple of years I unsuccessfully try not to dance and sing. When I do not move – I fall asleep, when I do not sing for a long time – I become a little spiritless. I need theatre and I want theatre to need me. Architectural studies changed my perception so that you can meet me while I’m looking for some interesting detail in seemingly bare walls (...).


Anna Maszewska
I am a mixture of crazy ideas and self-discipline. I mask my exuberant ambition with perfectionism. I study very unprofitable subject, which causes me great joy (...). I am master of diplomacy. I admire people whose ideas enrapture me. In spite of all, I am in love with an “ugly” city – Lodz. I hate being late. I am allergic to cats and pollens. I always forget about all possible anniversaries. When I will be old, I plan to sail my boat across the Finnish lakes dressed in thick sweater.


Barbara Cieślewicz
I love theatre and dance and that is why I took part in Take Over. I am good at getting along with people. However, I often become secretive and talk without words. I like to share what I can with others and make people happy. I would like to help people see how big their potentials are. I would like for emotional disrobing to inspire people to think.


Remigiusz Pilarczyk
(...) At the theatre I am trying to set difficult, uncomfortable questions. It not always must be nicely. In particular fascinates me a dark side of each of us. Some kind of evil and just human defects. I believe in the extraordinary power of the theatre. I believe into his influence on people. Also important is a real team. Team wherein everyone want to do one's best. It's only way to create something special, something interesting, something real. And of course in theater is no place to the full democracy, but final effect should be a result of the work of everyone.


Marta Kaczmarek
I love theater. I love dancing. I do not like sitting in one place. And I hate to talk about myself. "This man was never happy if he has not worked on something: laziness and idleness meant death for him."- Neil Gaiman 


Tomasz Hołubowicz
Currently I'm studying cultural studies in Łódź. I want to escape definitions. All that is confined by the word, I consider dead. Theater, for me, is a ritaul, the only force capable of shaping our reality. I'm fascinated by any boundaries we use to describe our world. Music is something tangible to me, something that fills the void between people with sound and motion. “One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." - Friedrich Nietzsche


Jakub Morawski

Many people say - a scientific mind. But in spite of all he listened to the voice of his heart and choose acting. A graduate of Theater & Film Class in Secondary School. Many years' scout leader, actually leader of Scout's Artistic Group. He's studying Journalism and Social Communication at University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz, which co-creates newspaper „Kurtyna” in time of Konfrontacje Teatralne Festival. Always ambitious, always wants to brake his limitations and must important - always smiling.


The International Project „TAKE OVER: Seeing young audiences through young people’s eyes” is organized by CHOREA Theatre, Kolarac Foundation (Serbia), Bios (Greece), Teatro delle Limonia (Italy) with the support of British Council in terms of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and Ministerstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.



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With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 


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Financed by the Miniserstwo Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego.


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