OJ!CZYSTY - prowokacje tuwimowskie

Project 'Oj!czysty - prowokacje tuwimowskie' is based on series of workshops for youth. During the workshops we will focus on working with texts written by fenomenall polish poet - Julian Tuwim. We will play with letters, words and meanings. We will create verbal excesses, we will play philological tricks  and "catch the words in the act." We will write poetry on the body and with the body, on the walls and pavements, we will sing and shout under the windows, and from the windows. We will invert, misrepresent and seek for the real meaning.


Watch the film about the project

Watch the photos form final of the project - Retkina

Watch the photos from final of the project - Abramka

Watch the photos from final of the project - Manhattan


The project was based on:

- physical workshops (working with the body, movement and partners)
- music workshops (working with the voice and rhythm)
- film workshops (working with techniques of film animation)
- text workshops (reading, writing, speaking, shouting)

The project wass inspierd by the methods and materials collected by Tuwim. We followed his way of thinking, and creating rhymes, anagrams or centons. We looked for your own examples, materials, and methods for stimulating our language and imagination. We had and made fun. The next stage of our work was placing all the language games into the urban space.

Project „Oj!czysty - prowokacje tuwimowskie” was organized by Art Factory in Lodz in cooperation with CHOREA Theatre, financed by Narodowe Centrum Kultury in terms of programe “Ojczysty – dodaj do ulubionych”.

 logotypy nprc oj nck


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