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The Ugly

Project based on series of theatre and dance workshops for young people from the Lodz region, including people from disadvantaged environments under the risk of social exclusion. The project was finalised with creating a professional performance.


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The idea to create this project was born after "Oratory Dance Project 2012" and became a continuation of this great social and artistic project. A series of workshop meetings was held from January to October 2013, and ended with a premiere of the performance "The Ugly" at Szwalnia Theatre in Lodz.


Because of the project a group of young people who work together exchange experiences today and invite each other to work on other projects. The project gave the opportunity to integrate people from different backgrounds and social environments, increased their experience, not only in the work of dance-theater, but also in social communication, developed their potentials and creativity.


The group members co-create the project "Art-impulses - VIDOMI".