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Tomasz Rodowicz

Artistic Director of CHOREA Theatre. An actor, director, musician, teacher, educator, theatre instructor, university lecturer, earlier also a historian of philosophy and bee-keeper. Born in 1951 in Warsaw. A graduate of the Department of History of Philosophy at the Warsaw Theological Academy. A co-founder of the first social therapy centre for the young addicts in Poland. He has cooperated with Jerzy Grotowski and Teatr Laboratorium between 1974-1979 on the para-theatrical initiatives. The co-founder and key actor of the Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice", its member and the leader of educational programs between the years 1977-2003. The co-founder of CHOREA Theatre Association and its leader since 2004. The artistic director of Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź since 2007. The artistic director of International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywyand the Nationwide Theatre Festival Perspektywy. The lecturer at the following universities: the University of Łódź, AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow (Bytom branch), The Leon Schiller National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. The leader of multiple international educational, didactic, artistic projects and research expeditions for actors, theatre coaches and culture animators from around the world. Innovative musical and physical training expert and theatre workshop specialist. Worldwide authority in leading workshops for actors, dancers, singers, musicians, theatre instructors and culture animators. Author of a handbook "Actors phisical training. From individual to group actions". In 2014 he was awarded the Medal for Merit to Culture - Gloria Artis by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Received "O!2017" award in the “Theatre” category by Polski Portal Kultury. In 2018 he was awarded by the Mayor of the City of Łódź in recognition of his artistic achievements, culture protection and popularisation. In 2019 he received a Zygmunt Hübner “THEATRE FIGURE” award, established by Fundacja Teatru Myśli Obywatelskiej im. Zygmunta Hübnera - this way becoming part of distinguished laureates, i.e.: Anna Augustynowicz, Jan Englert, Jerzy Trela, Piotr Cieplak and Jacek Głomb.

Ok porowska
Dorota Porowska

Actress, theatre director, choreographer, theatre workshop instructor, academic lecturer. Leading member of Centre for Theatre Practices 'Gardzienice' in 1984-2003. Leader of theatrical workshops in Royal Shakespeare Company, at the Acting Departments Columbia on Stanford University and in the Institute of Meyerhold in Moscow. In 2002 co-created a dance group 'Labyrinth Dances'. CHOREA Theatre Association co-founder and member since 2004. Constantly works as an educator running workshops for students of theater and cultural studies at the Universities in Poznan, Lodz, Wroclaw, Lublin, Warsaw and School of Theater in Liège (Belgium).
In her artistic biography, apart from acting and directing theatre performances, she is occupied with analytical work on human creativity and perception, and the mechanisms which control our way of being in a separated space dedicated to the creative act. It is an unusual and very concrete space, natural for everyone, and it is worth visiting.... from time to time.

Ok rojek
Elżbieta Rojek

Actress, vocalist, folk singer, musician, pedagogue, theatre instructor. Graduate of Ukrainian Philology at the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin. She started her vocal career in the musical group Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja, exploring the Lemko and Hutsul musical traditions. In 1994-2005 actress of Centre for Theatre Practices 'Gardzienice'. In 2002, together with Dorota Porowska, she founded a dance project 'Labyrinth Dances', based and inspired by the idea of recreating dance and choreography from ancient Greek iconography. In 2005, together with Tomasz Rodowicz, Dorota Porowska and Maciej Rychły, she co-founded CHOREA Theatre Association. Since 2005 she collaborates with: the University of Jan Józef Lipski in Teremiski, founded by Danuta and Jacek Kuroń, and the Association For Earth, which creates projects addressed to refugees. Among others, she cooperates with neTTheatre and the Sztuka Nowa Association. She co-creates many artistic and musical projects, including: 'Przystanek Poezja' with Waldemar Rychły and Mandar Purandare, and 'Koncert Jeden / Wiele' with Karolina Cicha.
Endless imagination, desire to learn and to gain different experiences are her main features. She likes to change places and activities, but she also likes to come back to what she left - and the returns are different and better each time. She loves to travel, and she loves animals and nature. Probably if she could, she would be an ornithologist or physicist. She really likes people and their stories. She knows how to listen. She has friends all over the world. Kalinka, her sister's daughter, once said that she is 'a joker sometimes as funny as a clown'. She speaks Ukrainian and English, and she learns Greek too.

Lodz Team:

Janusz Adam Biedrzycki

Actor, dancer, choreographer, theatre instructor and coach. A graduate of the Faculty of Humanities, specialization: Cultural Studies, Folklore and Ethnology, Theatre Studies and Film Studies at the University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska in Lublin. A graduate of Cultural Management at the Institute of Theory of Literature, Theatre and Audiovisual Arts of the University of Lodz. Co-founder and member of CHOREA Theatre Association. Graduate of 'Educator in the theatre' course, organized by the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw. Awarded with the scholar of the Ministery of Culture and National Heritage in 2010 and 2014 and scholar of the Office of the City of Lodz in 2013, 2017 and 2022. Co-author of a textbook titled "Actors phisical training. From individual to group actions" (2015), developed in cooperation with the Leon Schiller National Film School in Łódź with the support of Music and Dance Institute. Theatre leader and workshop instructor in the international educational project „TAKE OVER: Seeing young audiences through young people’s eyes” (2015-2017), within the framework of European Commission’s programme of “Creative Europe” with the participation of British Council. He collaborates with: neTTheatre in Lublin, Pinokio Puppet and Actor Theatre in Lodz, Cinema Theatre in Michalowice and Kana Theatre in Szczecin, Kerning Theatre in Minsk, Earthfall Dance Company form Wales, Teatr Limen in Warsaw, Teatr „A3”, occupational therapy workshops in Świdnik, Social Integration Association, J.J.Lipski University of Science and Technology in Teremiski, Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek (Croatia), University of Warsaw (Theatre education), Poleski Ośrodek Sztuki (Erasmus+ international project, B.I.G.D.E.A.L.), Butoh master Kan Katsurą (Japan), choreographer and dancer Robert Hayden (USA), and director Dara Weinberg (USA). He has been continually running The Youth Theatre Group under the auspices of CHOREA Theatre since 2014. Experienced in leading theatre and dance workshops all over Poland and abroad. Co-choreographer, co-director and actor in performances: "Roosteras, badgers and other goats" (2010), and "Fall - PsychoSomaticGaym" monodrama (2010). Creator and producer of the series of workshops completed by the "The Ugly" performance (2013), created with the participation of youth at the risk of social exclusion. Creator, director and producer of "Vidomi" project and "Vidomi-Continuation" project, which was a series of dance workshops with the participation of blind and visually impaired people, completed by two performances "Vidomi" (2014) and "Darkness. What is hidden" (2017). Originator and director of the performance „The Hive. Secret social life” (2018), created within the framework of the theatre workshop series for the blind and people with visual impairments. Co-creator of the choreography of the performance "Hamlets Case Study" (2017), directed by Waldemar Raźniak and created in cooperation with Teatr CHOREA and National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. Director of performances: "Right here. Right now" (2019), and “iGeneration?" (2020) performed by the youth theatre group. The project originator and coordinator: „Jak w ulu!” (the series of educational and integration, interdisciplinary workshops organised for the blind and people with visual impairmentsas well as young animators from the Łódź area, 2018), and three editions of “Laboratorium Kreatywnego Działania” (the series of interdisciplinary training sessions and workshops on theatre studies for teachers, cultural animators, senior citizens and youth, 2019, 2020, 2021).
Romantic rationalist, pessimistic optimist, who believes that the world can still be changed. Idealistic Extroverted Lady of the House, forgotten gardener searching in the concrete. Living without sacrifices, with all emotions, feelings and dreams. To be - You have to learn how to compromise, and how to learn all the time, and how to be humble. And the rest is just distraction. Not trivializing the real feelings, only covering them. Always chasing a dream, but not leaving corpses along the way. Specific individuality, egocentricity, crazyness, sometimes transformating into obsessiveness and madness, sometimes a loner without a choise, and generally going his own way.

Maja Caban

Actress, dancer, performer, culture manager and ashtanga yoga teacher. Member of CHOREA Theatre Association where she is working on various fields and is responsible for planning, fundraising coordinating and producing performances, concerts, educational, theatre and social projects. She danced since she was 5 years old, starting with folk dance and ballet, then discovering contemporary technics and contact improvisation, falling in love for couple of years in argentinian tango. She practices Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, focusing on steady development and finding harmony between body and mind. She cooperated with various artists in dance and theatre projects, for example with: Yukari Uto 'Nigero' project, Zorka Wollny 'Museum' and 'Composition for 12 actors and Lido factory' projects, v-js ElektroMoon on "Octopus Mantra" project, short movies 'Tactum' and 'Grzeczny-grzeszny' and dace performances 'Agui y Ahora' and 'Flying Circus'.
She loves eastern flavours, cooking, dancing, laughing and occasionally leaving everything behindand and travel. Jan Wieslaw's wife, mother of Zosia and Wiesio.

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Joanna Chmielecka

Actress, vocalist. She gained her first stage experience at the Anilis Theatre (director: Anna Ciszowska). A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Lodz, her diploma thesis was the best theatrical thesis of 2008/09. Since 2008, she has been working at the CHOREA Theater and Fabryka Sztuki in Łódź as a coordinator and producer of artistic and educational projects. Since 2010, she has been working on the International Theater Festival Retroperspektywy. In the years 2008-23 she played in over 35 CHOREA Theatre and music productions. Since 2015, she has been regularly working in projects created by director Konrad Dworakowski, composer Piotr Klimek and stage designer Marika Wojciechowska. In 2015-19 she performed in spectacles and concerts of the Pinocchio Theatre in Łódź. In 2019, in a duet with Tomasz Rodowicz, she directed and performs the play "me, god", based on Jerzy Grotowski's texts. Since 2020, she has been performing in the play "Lady of the Flies" at the Ludowy Theatre in Krakow. She has collaborated with directors: Ewgienij Korniag, Ruthie Osterman, Robert M. Hayden, Jim Ennis, Waldemar Raźniak, Juni Dahr, Łukasz Kos, Paweł Głowaty, Przemysław Buksiński; and composers: Tomasz Krzyżanowski, Monika Dalach, Verity Standen, Zorka Wollny, Igor Gawlikowski, Łukasz Lach, Grzegorz Fajngold. In 2022, she received the “Silver Ring” award for the best theatre actress of the 2021/22 season.

Joanna Filarska

Culture animator and educator, coordinator of artistic, social and educational projects. Worked in the Community Center of Alternative Education in Lodz, in the common day-room for pre-school children 'Kraina Pełna Skarbów' in Lodz, and as an educator and animator at the University of Jan Józef Lipski in Teremiski. She coordinates artistic, social and educational projects in CHOREA Theatre and Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz. She leads and coordinates a year-round cultural education program 'Creative Workshops in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz'. She works with youth and children groups, leading music and theatre workshops. She also works with the local community, cooperates with schools and organizes the audience. She was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2015. She studies Theatre Pedagogy" at Warsaw University. In CHOREA Theatre she leads Children Theatre Group and creates performances: "Theatre jokes", „The City“, "Good humor shop". She sings with pleasure. She performs in CHOREA Theatre concerts: 'Songs of the World', 'Lullabies', 'Concert of Ancient Music', 'Engi Vengi', "Hello Pinky Mouse!", "Livet" and in CHOREA Theatre performances: 'The Bacchae', 'Vidomi', 'Darkness', 'Death on a pear tree'. In life and work she likes the uncertainty.

magorzata lipczyska
Małgorzata Lipczyńska

Actress, dancer, choreographer, culture animator and pedagogue. Born in Zamosc. Lives in Lodz. Graduated from Social and Cultural Studies on UMCS University in Lublin (Poland). Dancer in the 'Labyrinth Dances' group. Co-founder and member of CHOREA Theatre Association. In 2006-2008 worked as choreographer, theatre and dance workshop instructor in Juliusz Osterwa Theatre in Lublin. As an actress, dancer and performer she cocreated many interdisciplinary theatre and artistic projects, for example: 'maProject' (international dance project in Vilnus, Lithuania), 'Kukła-Kantor/Remix' (neTTheatre, Lublin), 'Project Mermaids' (dir. Gerald Tyler, Warsaw), 'From the other side' (Korniag Theatre, Minsk). In 2011 she created her monodrama performance „forsuremaybe”, based on texts of Romanian writer Aglaia Veteranyi. She also worked as a dance instructor in creating an awarded CHOREA Theatre musical and dance performance 'Oratorium Dance Project'. Since 2012 she cooperates as dancer, writer and choreographer with KIJO Dance Theatre - a contemporary dance formation. She is an experienced theatre and dance workshop leader. She cooperates with the Warsaw University andInstitute of Polish Culture in Warsaw as a theatre instructor.
She likes when, from time to time, it gets a bit difficult. She likes to curse, make love and travel. She likes to laugh and she likes it when people are smiling. She likes a little sarcasm. She used to be crazy, but she got bored with it. She can't not to dance.

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Anna Maszewska

Actress, coordinator of artistic and entertainment events with high commercial potential. Since 2015, she has been involved in the production of cultural events as well as film and theatre education. A graduate of Cultural Studies with a specialization in Film Studies at the University of Lodz, and a student at the Faculty of Film Art Organization in Lodz Film School. In 2011-2015 she was an actress in ab'Teatr theatre group. In 2015 she worked as a coordinator at the 20th European Cinema Forum ORLEN Cinergia, and as a leader and an actress in Take Over theater group, working in CHOREA Theatre in Lodz, (performance "Error4040"). In 2016 she was a coordinator of the Skoda Mobile Cinema, organized as part of the Transatlantyk Festival. In 2016-2017 she worked as a production coordinator in art and event agency Ferment Kolektiv in Poznan, creating - among others - such projects as: 'Animator On Tour', 'Film Summer with Orange', and accompanying events during the 43rd Forum on the Cinema. In 2017 she was a production coordinator on the 22nd Forum of the European Cinema. Since 2018 general Cordinator of Retroperspectives International Theatre Festival. Since 2018 actress in CHOREA Theatre, she performs in: "Tragedia Jana" (dir.. W.Raźniak, 2018), "Księżniczki" (dir. Julia Jakubowska, 2020), video-performance "W wież zamknięta" (dir. Julia Jakubowska, 2020), "Good Morning Pinky Mouse!" (dir. Ola Shaya, 2021), "Death on a pear tree" (dir. Łukasz Kos, 2021).
With fierce curiosity and consistency, she expands hers reality. She admires people whose ideas fascinate her. In spite of all, she continuously falls in love with the ugly city of Lodz. She hates being late. She always eats everything from the plate. She has allergies to cats and all kinds of pollens. She always forgets all possible anniversaries. In old age, she plans to swim in a thick sweater on the Finnish lakes.

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Wiktor Moraczewski

Cultural and theatre expert and teacher, graduate of Cultural Studies and Theatre Studies at the University of Lodz (Theatre in Contemporary Culture, Department of Drama and Theatre). Between the years 2014-2017 he cooperated with Górna Culture Centre in Lodz, where he co-organized, participated and developed Polish and international projects - like 'Radar' (2017), created by a method of Sensory Labirynth Theatre, of which he is a certified instructor. He gained experience and an european certificate in this field by participating in international theatre project 'Ritual Beyond Roots' held as part of the Erasmus+ program in Romania, and during international projects like 'Calypso - il teatro per il sociale' in Italy. Between the years 2015-2018 he cooperated with the Foundation - Theatre Institute of Mieczysław Hertz in Lodz. In 2016 he was adapting the text and creating dramaturgy for a performance of Anna Cichy-Fatyga 'Towards a Big Sea', directed by Jacek Orłowski. His involvement with the Institute spanned onto the preparation of the photo exhibition entitled “7.15 p.m.” within the framework of ”"(m)Łodzi” project. The exhibition was part of his BA dissertation („Teatr 7.15 of Grand Hotel in Łódź. Project description”), written under the supervision of professor Małgorzata Leyko. The dissertation covered the history of theatres located in the Grand Hotel of Łódź. The second part of this exhibition was presented in Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki duringThe National Theatre Festival Perspektywy 2017: Theatre - the avant-garde in action, and also during the 3rd Congress of Polish Theatre Studies Society. Has been working with Teatr CHOREA in Łódź since 2017 on various artistic, educational and social initiatives. And so he dedicated his MA thesis to this theatrical group (“Fifteen years of Teatr Chorea. The operation between the years 2004-2019”). He was the scriptwriter of the following performances staged for CHOREA Theatre: "Darkness. What is hidden"(directed by Janusz Adam Biedrzycki and Magdalena Paszkiewicz, created with the participation of youth with visual impairments, 2017), “The Hive. Secret Social life” (performance meant for children, youth and adults, 2018), “iGeneration?”(the performance with the participation of Youth Theatre Group, 2020). As an directors assistant and actor he participated in the performance of “Tragedy of John” (production of CHOREA Theeatre and Warsaw Theatre Association, 2018, directed by Waldemar Raźniak). He was also an animator at the theatrical and literature workshops within the framework of “Jak w ulu!” educational and integration project (CHOREA Theatre, 2018) “Laboratorium Kreatywnego Działania” educational project (CHOREA Theatre, 2019, 2020, 2021). In his role of a theatre teacher he has cooperated with pre-schools and schools of the Łódź area. Between the years 2019-2020 he cooperated with the Teachers’ Club in Łódź where he conducted classes in theatre and literature studies meant for teachers. Since the beginning of his studies he has been very active as a critic of festival magazines published during the following theatre events: Łódzki Festiwal Szkół Teatralnych and Ogólnopolski Festiwal Teatru Młodych „Dziatwa”. He published his texts in the following Łódź newspapers - “Kalejdoskop” and “Dziennik Łódzki”. He is the co-author of the publication on 15 years of CHOREA Theatre.

Ola Shaya fot. Rami Shaya
Ola Shaya

Ola Shaya - curator, theater producer, culture animator, international projects creator, director and coordinator. A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław and Postgraduate Studies in Cultural Marketing at the University of Warsaw (in cooperation with National Cultural Centre). Scholarship holder of the Federation of the Scottish Theatre (2014/2015) and of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2015). Creator and Artistic Director of the Picture-Book Festival for Children "Dot + Dash" in Lodz (Poland) and the Festival of Polish Art for Children "Kite and Trumpet" in Edinburgh (Scotland) and Lodz (Poland). 
A lover of surrealism, ghosts, blue rabbits and pink mice. Her life motto is "Hey adventure, adventure!

Ok toneva
Elina Toneva

Actress, vocalist, singer, performer, theatre instructor. Born in Sofia (Bulgaria). Graduated from Graphic Design Faculty in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Instructor of Sport and Recreation in Academy of Physical Education in Poznan. Instructor of stage movement and singing in Film School in Lodz. Instructor of Krav Maga - Israeli self-defense and combat system. Training expert of marshal arts, combat and self-defense systems. One of the founders of 'Ancient Orchestra' - musical project in Center of Theatre Practices Gardzienice. Member of CHOREA Theatre Association since 2004. One of the leaders in CHOREA's educational and workshop program. Instructor of traditional Balkan vocal and dance techniques. Experianced in leading fisical, vocal, and dance workshops for actors, musicians, dancers and theatre instructors all over the world. Theatre workshop leader, physical theatre training specialist.

Ongoing cooperation:

Dobi 5
Marcin Dobijański

Realizator dźwięku. Z wykształcenia elektronik i muzyk. Studiował także na kierunku aktorsko-impresaryjnym Międzynarodowego College’u Twórczości oraz na Wydziale Organizacji i Zarządzania Politechniki Łódzkiej. Od 1994 roku specjalizuje się w obsłudze produkcji „live”. Jako realizator współpracował dłuższy czas z Elżbietą Adamiak oraz zespołami: Normalsi, Tosteer, Power of Trynity, Leafless Tree, Rezerwat, Proletaryat. Od 2012 roku współpracuje na stałe z grupą Varius Manx. Współorganizował przeglądy konkursowe „Być gwiazdą…” w Śródmiejskim Forum Kultury w Łodzi. Realizował dźwięk w wielu spektaklach teatralnych i parateatralnych, współpracując z reżyserami: Janiną Niesobską („Tango, tango”), Witoldem Jurewiczem i Kamilą Jankowską  („Toporem w serce”), Jarosławem Kuszą („Sztuka mroku”), Seanem Palmerem („Bajka o uchu polany”, „Po burzy”, „Klechdy polskie”), Tomaszem Rodowiczem („Po Ptakach”, „Bachantki”, „Derby.Białoczerwoni”, „Szczelina”, „Studium o Hamletach”, „ Miniopera Metafizyczna”, „ja, bóg”), Waldemarem Raźniakiem („Tragedia Jana”), Januszem Adamem Biedrzyckim („Vidomi”, „Rój. Sekretne życie społeczne”), Olą Turkiewicz i Jackiem Górskim („Koncert Niepodległości”), a także: Jimem Ennisem, Magdaleną Paszkiewicz, Wojtkiem Ziemilskim, Pawłem Odorowiczem, Igorem Gawlikowskim i innymi. Od 2012 roku współpracuje na stałe ze Teatrem CHOREA. Jako muzyk i wokalista współpracował z łódzką grupą artrockową „Prząśniczki”, jako muzyk i kompozytor z Iwoną Jędruch, a jako wokalista brał udział w „Oratorium Dance Project” i „Szukając Solidarności”. Realizował wydawnictwa płytowe: Robert Grudzień i Iwona Jędruch „Misterium dźwięku, o. Stan Fortuna „ Live in Poland”, Leafless Tree „Say/Yes Live in Lodz”. Członek Polskiego Stowarzyszenia Realizatorów Dźwięku oraz Stowarzyszenia Gre Badanie.

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Paweł Głowaty

Ac­tor, gra­du­ate of the Leon Schil­ler Na­tio­nal Film Scho­ol in Łódź at the Ac­ting De­part­ment. Prior to his stu­dies, he had been as­so­cia­ted with a dan­ce the­atre. He had ta­ken part in the per­for­man­ces of the Nar­vas The­atre by Ar­tur Stel­ma­czo­nek such as, among others, "Ni­ja­ki, mę­ski, żeń­ski" [transl. Neu­ter, Ma­scu­li­ne, Fe­mi­ni­ne"] and "Po­ry­wa­cze ciał" [transl. "Body snat­chers”]. He co­ope­ra­ted with stu­dents and gra­du­ates of the AST Na­tio­nal Aca­de­my of The­atre Arts in Kra­ków at the De­part­ment of Dan­ce The­atre. He took part in a mo­ve­ment mi­nia­tu­re di­rec­ted by Woj­ciech Cho­wa­niec and cho­re­ogra­phed by Jan Lo­rys, as well as in the per­for­man­ce "It’s all abo­ut bra­ve­ry" cho­re­ogra­phed by Ka­ta­rzy­na Ba­ran, which was pro­du­ced in co­ope­ra­tion with the Mo­vytz Dan­ce The­atre and Skin the cat. Gło­wa­ty also di­rec­ted his own pie­ces, for exam­ple the per­for­man­ce "Sen Ma­łe­go Kró­la, któ­ry nig­dy nie był Księ­ciem" [transl. The Dre­am of a Lit­tle King who was ne­ver a Prin­ce] ba­sed on "The Stran­ger" by Al­bert Ca­mus, which won the En­tree Com­pe­ti­tion or­ga­ni­sed by the Roz­ryw­ka The­atre in Cho­rzów. The­re, as a part of his re­si­den­cy, he di­rec­ted the play "Pa­łac lo­do­wy" [transl. The Ice Pa­la­ce] ba­sed on the Ter­jei Ve­sa­as’s po­etic tale with same ti­tle. Du­ring the time of his stu­dent’s time he also co­ope­ra­ted with Mar­cin Brzo­zow­ski and fel­low stu­dents on the play "Tech­ni­ka punk­tu świetl­ne­go" [transl. The po­int of li­ght tech­ni­que] ba­sed on the works by Phi­lip Di­mi­tri Ga­las. The per­for­man­ce was a suc­cess at the Mol­da­vian and Ro­ma­nian Fe­sti­vals. Gło­wa­ty col­la­bo­ra­tes with CHO­REA The­atre and has been en­ga­ged in the "Tra­ge­dia Jana" pro­duc­tion di­rec­ted by Wal­de­mar Raź­niak. The per­for­man­ce is the pri­ze win­ner of the Po­lish The­atre 2019 re­per­to­ire, as well as the 2018/19 Gol­den Mask win­ner. Cur­ren­tly, he is as­so­cia­ted with Na­tio­nal The­atre in War­saw. In 2022 he directed the performance" Me, Feuerbach", based on drama by Tankret Dorst, in terms of Przestrzenie Sztuki Project.


Ok jakubowska
Julia Jakubowska

Theatre and film actress, physical theatre performer, theatre creator trying her hand at directing. Born in Lodz in 1986. In 2010 graduated Cultural and Theatre Studies on the University of Lodz. She works with several independent theatre groups and is an emerging creator. Since 2008 she is a member of CHOREA Theatre, acting in the following performances: "The Bacchae", "TOV/Good", "Oratorium Dance Project", "Grotowski - an attempt to retreat". She also works as an individual creator and community-art developer in CHOREA Theatre artistic projects, for example: "Wszędodomni/Panhabitants" - workshops and performance created with the participation of homeless people (2011, 2013), "Abramka Fest" - community art project and festival dedicated to the poorest communities and streets of the city (2013), "About Love" - experimental theatre performance still being explored with series of exhibitions, performances and workshops (2014). She cooperates with Stereo Akt Theatre in Budapest (Hungary). Her selected works in Stereo Akt are: "Promenade - Urban Fate Tourism" (2013), "Close Encounters of the Different Kind" (2014), "We Hear You" (2015), "Etiquette. The Perfect Human" (2016), "Last Chance Clinic" (2017), „Europen Freaks". She is based both in Lodz and Budapest. And so in Hungary she cooperates with various independent artists and professional scenes: Budapest Operetta, with Péter Kárpáti (performances: "Two Women", "Gala") and Veronica Szabó („Queendom”). She also appeared in the following film productions: "Sunset” directed by Laszló Nemes, „Guerilla” directed by Karpati Mór, „Simone, une femme du siecle” directed by Olivier Dahan, „Black Spider” directed by Markus Fischer. She was awarded for her “Dialogi" drama in the 1st edition of Polish Playwright Competition „Lustro. Obraz. Iluzja.” in 2009. She received Francesca Candel award in 2014 for her work connected with the immigrant integration into Catalonia. In 2019 she was nominated for critics' choice award of Hungarian Theatre Journal for actors. She received her Art Scholarship of Cultural Department of the City of Łódź in 2020, which allowed her to create and direct “Princesses" performance. Presently an employee of Górna Community Centre in Lodz, where she is responsible for project management and is an animator of children's theatrical group.

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Joanna Jaworska-Maciaszek

Dancer, choreographer, actress. She cooperates with Theatre in Rzeszów, she has danced in the following productions: "Koniec, początek – soma” / "The end, the beginning - SOMA" (2018), "Macondo" (2010) and "Harey", choreographed by Marta Bury. Dancer of Pracownia Fizyczna (Physical Studio), run by Jacek Owczarek in Lodz. During the work of the group, she has danced in the performances "Meandrująca rzeka” / ”Meandering River", "A3" and "Re:akcja” / ”Re:action", presented at the Polish Dance Platform. She has cooperated with choreographers from Poland and abroad, among others as a dancer with Rosanna Gamson World Wide (Los Angeles), as an assistant to choreographer Robert M. Hayden in the second installment of the "Oratorium Dance Project" of the CHOREA Theatre, in the performative project "Topologie” / ”Topologies" by the French group Les gens d'Uterpan. Originator of the performance "ĆMY" / ”MOTHS”, which she created together with three dancers of Pracownia Fizyczna. Dancer in the performance "Matryca [Prześwit 1/8]" / ”Stencil [Clearance 1/8]", directed by Paweł Grala, awarded in ”The Best Off” competition for the best Polish independent theatre performance. She created or co-created the choreography for CHOREA Theatre performances: " Metaphysical mini-opera”, "Salto mortale", "me, god", "Schulz: Scraps", Schulz: Loop"She is a dancer and actress in CHOREA Theatre performances: "Oratorium Dance Project", " Metaphysical mini-opera", "Tragedy of John", "Locked in a tower") Co-organizer of interdisciplinary improvisation meetings KIPISZ in Lodz. She teaches dance and movement. She performs, improvises, and as far as dance is concerned, she is fascinated in intuition, energy flow, and work on conscious being in her own body.

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Michał Jóźwik

Aktor, absolwent Państwowej Wyższej Szkoły Filmowej, Telewizyjnej i Teatralnej im. L.Schillera w Łodzi. Ukończył kurs aktorski w HB Studio w Nowym Jorku. Absolwent I stopnia Szkoły Muzycznej im. Karola Lipińskiego w Lublinie. Działa zarówno w teatrach instytucjonalnych (Teatr Horzycy w Toruniu, Teatr Muzyczny w Łodzi) i teatrach offowych (Teatr CHOREA w Łodzi, Czytelnia Dramatu w Lublinie, Teatr Klepisko). Wystąpił w kilkunastu spektaklach teatralnych oraz w kilkudziesięciu produkcjach filmowych. Prowadzi autorskie warsztaty teatralne dla dzieci, młodzieży oraz seniorów na festiwalach teatralnych, w domach kultury, teatrach oraz w fundacji “SADownia”. Tworzy autorskie słuchowiska multimedialne, “Niezapominajki” zrealizowane z Uniwersytetami Trzeciego Wieku, czy baśnie Guido Gozzano w Teatrze Muzycznym w Łodzi. Pianista z zamiłowania, miłośnik gór, amator fotografii.

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Sara Kozłowska

Tancerka, choreografka, nauczycielka tańca. Absolwentka Ogólnokształcącej Szkoły Baletowej im. Feliksa Parnella w Łodzi. Absolwentka Akademii Muzycznej w Łodzi na kierunku: Choreografia i techniki tańca. Od 2010 pracuje w zawodzie jako tancerka, akrobatka, nauczycielka tańca i choreografka. Współpracuje z Teatrem V6 w Łodzi, gdzie gra w spektaklach: „Sweet Chick Club” (2012) „The Best of Aquarius” (2013), „Bal wampirów” (2013), „Imibala” (2015), „Imaginarium” (2015), „Bal wampirów. Wieczność” (2015), „Północ w Paryżu” (2017), „Never Ending Story” (2019), nagranie spektaklu „Aquarius” (2020). W latach 2010-2011 współpracowała z grupą KREATORS, jako asystentka iluzjonisty. W latach 2011-2016 należała do Grupy KIJO, zagrała w spektaklach i performance’ach: "Kod Łodzi" (2011), "DD Dopóki taniec nie umarł" (2013), "Nie jesteś ślepy" (2013), "Do Witolda" (2013, I miejsce na konkursie Make Move 2014 w Tarnowie), "Spokojnie... inni mają gorzej" (2014), "Gwiezdne potyczki" (2014), "KISZ" (2015), "Gry w koniec świata" (2016). Od 2015 współpracuje z Teatrem CHOREA, gdzie gra w spektaklach: "Bachantki" (2015), "Szczelina" (2016), "Oratorium Ziemii" (2017), "In-ni" (2017), „Tragedia Jana” (2019). W trakcie studiów otrzymała zaproszenie do tworzenia spektakli w choreografii Witolda Jurewicza: "List" (2015), "Seks po polsku" (2016), "De corpore" (2017), "Tutaj" (2018, praca dyplomowa III roku Akademii Muzycznej, wykreowana pod opieką Witolda Jurewicza i Jacka Owczarka), "Maping dance" (2018, reż. Witold Jurewicz, Marlena Rita Bełdzikowska). W 2016 zagrała w spektaklu "Tempus Fantasy" (chor. Jacek Gębura) w Teatrze Muzycznym Capitol we Wrocławiu. W 2017 roku współpracowała z Iloną Gumowską, biorąc udział w kreacjach: "Psyche" (2017), "Moira" (2017, II miejsce podczas "Sense of motion" 2017 w Tarnowie, II nagroda podczas Festiwalu Labirynt 2017 w Złocieńcu). W 2017 rozpoczęła współpracę z Anną Banasik, tworząc duet "Pomiędzy" (wyróżnienie jury na festiwalu "Szolo Duo" 2018 w Budapeszcie, II nagroda na Ogólnopolskich Spotkaniach Tanecznych 2018 w Bydgoszczy). W 2018 zagrała w spektaklu "Mondrian Tańczący" Aleksandry Kozańskiej-Jóźwiak, prezentowanym w Muzeum Sztuki w Łodzi. W 2019 zagrała w spektaklu "SPOT", w chor. Adama Kuzy, stworzonym z osobami z Zespołem Downa i w spektaklu-operze "Fish to Mars", w reż. Ann-Terese Aasen w Norwegii. W 2020 wzięła udział w projekcie Małgorzaty Rostkowskiej z wykorzystaniem języka migowego w tańcu, „Geometria nie-pokoju - zapiski z czasów zarazy, tańczone językiem migowym”. Od 2021 współtworzy kolektyw artystyczny In.progress. Od 2015 jest nauczycielem tańca współczesnego i techniki ruchu, bazując na animal movement, Ferrus Animi Terra Nova Tomislav English i przynależąc do kolektywu ruchowego Ferrus Animi. Ma przyjemność dzielenia się swoją praktyką ruchową, prowadząc warsztaty w kraju i zagranicą. Swoje doświadczenie zawodowe zbierała szkoląc się i współpracując z artystami: Adrianem Bartczakiem, Michałem Ratajskim, Tomaszem Rodowiczem, Witoldem Jurewiczem, Jackiem Owczarkiem, Krzysztofem Skolimowskim, Anną Marią Krysiak, Anną Wytych-Wierzgach, Wojciechem Mochniejem, Dawidem Lorencem, Nuhacet'em Guerra, Tomislav'em English, Ricardo Ambrozio, Righting Monkey by Rootlesroot, Mate Meszaros, Eliną Tonevą, Gustavo Oliveira, Ted'em Stoffer'em, Iniaki Azpillaga, Isael'em Cruz Mata, Rakesh'em Sukesh, Manuel'em Ronda, Chloe Beillevaire, Rosanną Gamson, Tom'em Weksler'em, Waldemarem Raźniakiem, Małgorzatą Rostkowską.

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Jola Królicka

Ar­tist, vi­su­al ar­tist, edu­ca­tor, cre­ator of mul­ti­ple sta­ge de­si­gns for con­certs and events, dra­wing ar­tist. She de­als with ar­ti­stic hand­cra­fts, con­ducts edu­ca­tio­nal and in­te­gra­tion art work­shops for non-di­sa­bled and di­sa­bled chil­dren and young adults. She car­ries out art clas­ses for chil­dren and adults at the Po­le­ski Art Cen­ter in Łódź. As a part of the "Cre­ati­ve Art Work­shops in the Art Fac­to­ry in Łódź" she runs fa­mi­ly and cross-ge­ne­ra­tio­nal clas­ses. As an il­lu­stra­tor, she co-ope­ra­tes with Po­lish Na­tio­nal Te­le­vi­sion cre­ating TV show: "Su­peł­ko­we ABC" ("The ABC Knots") aimed at he­aring im­pa­ired chil­dren. She is the au­thor of the sce­no­gra­phy for the fol­lo­wing plays: "Żar­ty te­atral­ne" / "The­atre Jo­kes" (2018), "Mia­sto" / "The City” (2019), "Rój. Se­kret­ne ży­cie spo­łecz­ne" / "The Hive. A Se­cret So­cial Life" (2019), "iGe­ne­ra­tion?" (2020), "Good Mor­ning Pin­ky Mo­use!" (2021), "A good hu­mo­ur shop" (2021) made in CHO­REA The­atre. 

tomasz krukowski
Tomasz Krukowski

Reżyser światła. Od 2007 roku kierownik administracyjny w Fabryce Sztuki w Łodzi. Współpracował z wieloma alternatywnymi grupami teatralnymi w Łodzi, między innymi z: Akademickim Ośrodkiem Inicjatyw Artystycznych, Teatrem 77, Teatrem Dziewięćsił, Teatrem Scena Forum. Od 2007 roku reżyser światła w większości produkcji artystycznych, teatralnych i muzycznych Teatru CHOREA. Wykładowca Akademii Muzycznej w Łodzi, współpracuje przy spektaklach dyplomowych uczelni. Współpracował z takimi reżyserami jak: Andrzej Czerny, Piotr Krukowski, Andrzej Maria Marczewski, Zdzisław Hejduk, Remigiusz Caban, Tomasz Bieszczad, Paweł Passini, Jim Ennis, Tomasz Rodowicz.

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Tomasz Krzyżanowski

Composer, musician, arranger, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist. Music director in CHOREA Theatre. Born in 1983 in Swidnik (Poland). Draws inspiration from different musical cultures and musical styles, mainly from the Middle and Far East, India, Iberian Peninsula, Ancient Greece and Balkans. Composition is his main occupation. He composes music for theatre, movies, art projects, performances, animation, computer games. He is a co-creator and member of CHOREA Theatre Association, where since 2004 he coordinates and leads the musical work. Since 2011 he is the leader of CHOREA Theatre Choir. He is a co-founder and percussionist in alternative Lodz music band The Blue Rabbit. Since 2006, together with CHOREA Theatre, he regularly leads theatre, music, rhythm workshops all around the world (in RedCat and CalArts in Los Angeles, Center for the Arts at Delphi, in St. Donats Atlantic College in Wales, in Old Tehelni Slovakia, Meyerhold Center in Moscow, at the Theatre Atalaya in Sevilla, in Espacio Espiral in Santander, at the Festival of Giving Voice in Aberystwith, at the Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw and many others). The workshops are intended for actors, musicians, dancers, performers.

Ok maciaszek
Maciej Maciaszek

An unconventional trumpeter, singer, musician, self-taught composer, actor. He began his musical education in the Grójec Fire Brigade Orchestra. However, it was not the solemn marches that captured him, but Jazz, whose theory he began to secretly explore. As a would-be Polish and Indian philologist, he dropped out of college, just to jump on alternative musical toplists, by performing music form few thousand years ago, along with the musical formation 'The Ancient Orchestra'. He became an actor when it turned out that 'The Ancient Orchestra' music group was in fact a camouflaged theatre collective. In the newly formed CHOREA Theatre Association as an actor, musician and composer, he insistently tried to smuggle the themes and threads of the so-called entertainment music, to ultimately contribute to the creation of a subversive project 'Antiquity/Trans/Formation'. As he does not go to the church nor the Philharmonics, in the 'Oratory Dance Project' as a composer he became a representative of the excluded culture from before Christ and Bach. He still hopes that it is possible to civilize a barbarian... or maybe to barbarize the Civilization?

Ewa Otomaska
Ewa Otomańska

Dance instructor and student of Theatre Studies at the University of Lodz. Since 2011, she has been working with the CHOREA Theater as a workshops participant, dancer and performer in artistic and educational projects. Practitioner, theoretician and observer of off-theatre. In her work she wants to combine theoretical knowledge with practice, thus expanding the horizon of her own theatre search.
In 2010-2013 she was a participant, animator and instructor in a dance theatre workshops, directed to the youth, in terms of PaT program (Prevention and Theatre). Since 2014 she works with blind and visually impaired people, studying methods of working with the body in the context of this type of disability, as part of projects and performances: 'Art-Impulses', 'Vidomi' and 'Darkness'. Since 2016 she is directing outdoor performances 'You live in a city of revolution!', organized annually as part of celebrations of the anniversary of Lodz Uprising - Revolution of 1905. In 2017 she coordinated the volunteer groups during Perspektywy Theatre Festival. In 2017 together with Tomasz Rodowicz, she worked on the script and direction of the performance 'IN-NI', created in terms of the 40th Theater Meetings in Lodz. She also collaborated with: Pinocchio Theatre in Lodz, Nowy Theatre in Lodz, Piccolo Theatre, Górna Culture Centre, Kijo Dance Theatre, Centre of Culture and Art in Skierniewice.

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Magdalena Paszkiewicz

Dancer, choreographer, Master of Physics, Doctor of Economics, modern dance instructor, senior lecturer at PWSZ (State College of Applied Sciences) in Skierniewice. Head of PRO Dance Theatre at Lodz Community Centre (since 1998 she has been connected with PRO Dance Theatre as a dancer). Major premieres, direction, co-choreography and dance: "Border Line" 2007 (directorial debut), "Roboczogodziny, czyli Kobiecość Krańcowa" / ”Man-hours, that is Extreme Femininity” 2009, "Historie być może prawdziwe" / ”Stories That Might be Real” 2012, "Wióry lecą!" / ”Breaking eggs!” 2012, "Pokojówki" / ”Maids” 2013. Actress of the Theatre of Several People. Premieres: directed by M. Glinkowski: "Słowa pomieszane ze snami" / ”Words Mingled with Dreams” (based on prose poetry by Zbigniew Herbert) 2010; "Orfeusz" / ”Orpheus” (stage adaptation of a poem by Czesław Miłosz ”Orpheus and Eurydice” and texts by Virgil, Herbert and R.M.Rilke) 2012. Director and choreographerof CHOREA Theatre performances: ”Vidomi” (2014), “Brzydal” / ”The Ugly” (2013), monodrama “Upadek. Psycho-Somatic-Gaym” / ”Fall. Psychosomatic-Gaym” (2010), ”Ciemność. To co jest ukryte” / ”Darkness. What is Hidden” (2017), ”Rój. Sekretne życie społeczne” / ”The Hive. Secret Social Life” (2018). Creator of choreographic workshops for blind and visually impaired teenagers during such projects as ”Art-Impulsy” / ”Art-Impulses” (2014), “Vidomi-Kontynuacje” / ”Vidomi-Continuation” (2015). Dance instructor in the project ”Jak w ulu!” / ”As in Hive!” (2018). Workshop instructor in two editions of educational and artistic project "Laboratorium Kreatywnego Działania” / ”Laboratory of Creative Actions", led by CHOREA Theatre.

Nonresident Team:

Ok domanski
Hubert Domański

Actor, singer, performer, educator, cultural animator, theater teacher and pedagogue, leader of young theatre groups. Constantly cooperates with CHOREA Theatre, Association of Own Initiatives 'Inspirations', Association "This Way." Multiple laureate of awards form the Starost and the President of Puławy. In 2017 he was awarded for his work in the field of culture by the Marshal of the Lublin Province. Constantly cooperates with the Community Self-Help Center and the Special Educational and Social Center in Puławy.

Ok jablonska
Małgorzata Jabłońska

Theatre and culture researcher. Deals with the history and problematics of actors training and the methodology of describing the dramaturgy of the body in a theatre performance, mainly in the alternative theatre area. Preparing a doctoral thesis: 'Towards the dramaturgy of the body. Influence of the biomechanics of Vsevolod Emilevich Meyerhold on the concepts of actors training in the European theatre of the 20th Century' at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. Permanent cooperator of Jerzy Grotowski Institute in Wroclaw, where in 2013 she organized first in Poland international conference devoted to the work of Vsevolod Meyerhold - 'Theater Practices of Vsevolod Meyerhold'. In Grotowski Institute she was also a coordinator of scientific projects, created as part of the International Theater Olympics 2016. Co-author of the handbook 'Actors phisical training. From individual to group actions'. A member of the Polish Theatre Research Society, the Nationwide Theater Offensive and the International Platform for Performer Training. Co-creates the Theatre Researchers Forum - a collective working for the democratization of the discourse in theatre. Cooperates with 'Didaskalia' and 'nietak!t' theatre periodicals.

ok korbus
Paweł Korbus

Visual artist, performer, author of video works and installations, actor. He combines techniques of working with body, voice and various media from the field of visual arts. Interested in corporality and body under the influences and pressures of culture, experiences and emotions, mental sphere in a state of uncertainty, the suspension in a situation of conflicting needs and a subject to cultural disciplines. He crosses geographical and social distances. He enters relations and tests his behavior in situations of being a stranger. Korbus is a graduate of Art Education at the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Art at Maria Skłodowska-Curie University in Lublin, and also a scholarship holder of the Visegrad Artist Residency Program 2016, and Art Scholarship of President of City of Lublin 2017. He performed on many internationals festivals, like: Performance Platform Lublin (Poland, 2009), Performance Month (Berlin, Germany, 2014), Supermarket Independent Art Fair (Stockholm, Sweden), Bruno Schulz Festival (Drohobych, Ukraine), Bedesten Festival (Antioch, Turkey), Forgetting/Remembering Performance Art Meeting (Istanbul, Turkey, 2017).
All the time on the road, travels back and forth. Always gloating. Occupied with love and pleasure. Independent, visual, performative.

Ok krzyzanowska
Dominika Krzyżanowska

Culture manager, producer, actress, singer. Master of Arts in Cultural Studies. She graduated from the 'Gardzienice' Academy of Theatre Practices. She co-founded CHOREA Theatre Association, for which she settled in Lodz for 10 years. In addition to her artistic work in CHOREA, she coordinated the finances of the theatre, under the grateful nickname 'Budget Mama'. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. She loves to lead educational, theatre, music and art workshops for children. Currently she works in the Center of Culture in Lublin, where together with Pracownia Sztuczka, she organizes, executes and leads educational and artistic projects - including the innovative on a national scale the 'Wild Children's Reserve'. She knows almost everything about financial art grants, funds and subsidies, she distinguishes 'gross' from the 'net' and likes to make financial reports. Antek's mother. Co-owner of the 'Znaki Specjalne' ('Special Signs') brand. A beginner in snowboarding. Car driving enthusiast, with a tendency to develop the speed.

sean palmer
Sean Palmer

Born in 1977. Dad, husband, independent vocal/theatre artist. Sean primarily works in theatres as an actor, composer or director, and lives in Warsaw, Poland since 2008. He has been a member of the Chorea family since its first incarnation - Orkeistra Antyczna - in 2001.
As actor he has performed in the Meyerhold Centre in Moscow ('After the Birds', CHOREA Theatre), Covent Garden Opera House, London ('Mac//Beth', Teatr De Oscuro) and the National Opera in Warsaw ('Oresteia', dir. Michał Zadara). 
Since 2016 he increasingly specialises in performances for younger audiences. Most notably, directing the final project of 'PODAJ DALEJ' youth project (for Stuka Nowa Association, 2016), composing live beatbox music for 'DOM' (Teatr Baj, dir. Sebastian Świąder, 2017), Co-directing, co-composing and devising '10 Śmiesznych Wierszyków. Niepiosenki' (commission for 21.Biennale Sztuki dla Dziecka, Poznan, 2017) and writing, directing and co-composing 'PIG IN A WIG IN SPACE' (Pig in a Wig Theatre, his own company, 2017).
He is now co-devising 'Biblia 3' (Nowy Teatr, dir. Michał Zadara, 2018), and preparing an experimental radio play on the topic of Janusz Korczak entitled 'The Dreamer in Our House' for the Theatre Institute in Warsaw.
Sean is also an unorthodox (read ‘untrained’) composer and conductor leading two large choirs in Warsaw. POLIN Choir (2014, with Kuba Pałys) a community choir resident at the POLIN Museum, and Gre Badanie Chór Eksperymentalny - his own experimental group founded in 2010. Both are active artistically with at least two concerts a year with original music.
Sean loves to run and writes about it on his blog a 'Vegan Not-Quite-Ultra Runner’s Diary'.

Ok passini
Paweł Passini

Born in 1977. Awarded Polish theatre director, playwright, composer, musician, performer and actor. Creator and director of neTTheatre - the world's first online theatre, placed in Lublin. The winner of Konrad Swinarski Award for the best director in season 2012/2013 - for a loud performance "Morrison/Śmiercisyn". He studied philosophy and cultural studies at the University of Warsaw. He graduated from the Academy of Theatre Practices in Gardzienice. In 2004 he graduated from the Directing Department at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. He became one of the precursors of interactive theatre in Poland, in which - in contrast to traditional theatre - media are used. Paweł Passini was nominated for Polityka Passport Award twice.

sylwia liwa
Izabela Śliwa

MA in philosophy, scriptwriter, vice-president of the Sztuczne Artistic Association, director of theater performances, including: 'Mamałyga', 'Ubu roi' with the participation of actors from Nancy (France), 'Milarepa' together with a vocal ensemble from Tibet, as part of the Multicultural Lublin Festival - Merdytacje. She is artistically connected with CHOREA Theatre (participation in performances: 'Theseus in the Labyrinth', 'After the Birds', 'Oratorium Dance Project', 'Antygone'). She directed performances for children: 'Fju, fju', 'Flea Sza', 'Bobo Bu', 'Nano Ka', 'Wio!Sny', 'Latamy', 'Je-sień-nie-sie', 'O!Zima', and a concert of the Zespół Deficytu Natury. She designs and creates scenography and costumes for all her performances, which always are a complementary element of each one of them. She was a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2014. Co-founder of Pracownia Sztuczka at the Center of Culture in Lublin. Initiator and coordinator of the 'Wild Children's Reserve' project. Currently she is studying psychology - as part of expanding her competences in working with children and for children. Privately she is a mother of two children.

Iga Załęczna

Culture animator, actress, choreographer, dancer, theatre director. A graduate of Theatre Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She graduated from the Academy of Theatre Practices in Gardzienice (2003) and Choreography and Dance Techniques at the Academy of Music in Łódź (2012). A member and co-founder of CHOREA Theatre Association, in which she produced her own theatre projects ('Wind in pines', 'Roosters, Badgers and other Goats', 'Daughter of her own mother', 'Isla Cisneros'). She collaborates with Paweł Passini, director of Nettheatre, performing in his productions: 'Szczeźli', 'Drugi pokój', 'Tehillim/Psalms', 'Wszystkie rodzaje śmierci', 'Turandot', 'Kukła.Księga Brzasku', 'Ala ma sen', 'Widma'. She takes part in independent theatre projects, including: 'Vulva' (dir. J.Lewicka, Lublin 2014). She leads workshops and training sessions for people working in the area of artistic education. Since 2012 she is leading regular classes of directing and stage expression techniques at the Post-secondary School for Culture Animators in Wroclaw. In 2015, she completed the course of Forum Theatre, and started her independent work using this theatre method. In the same year she received a scholarship under the Program 'Knowledge - Education - Development' 2014-2020 (PO WER) - International Internships, which was associated with a two-month training and course in Fabbrica Europa Foundation in Florence and at the Teatro Era Centro per la Sperimentazione e la Ricerca Teatrale in Pontedera. The completed project won the competition organized by the Foundation for the Development of Education System: EDUinspiracje 2017. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in 2010, 2011 and 2017. As part of the art scholarship granted in 2017, she completed the project: 'Forum Theatre - an annual cycle of workshops and performances'. Currently she is gaining coaching qualifications at the School of Drama, run by the Drama Way Foundation in Warsaw.



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Daniel Jacewicz
Hanna Gzella-Jastrzębska
Monika Kamieńska
Kan Katsura
Anna Kaźmierak
Sebastian Klim
Maciej Kobalczyk
Irena Lewkowicz
Grzegorz Lindenberg
Wojciech Machajek
Pola Matuszewska
Ludmiła Mielczarek
John Moran
Robert Niżnik
Marcin Polak
Natalia Przybysz
Arkadiusz Rogoziński
Piotr Rogucki
Maciej Rychły
Piotr Starzyński
David Sypniewski
Krzysztof Szmytke
Aleksandra Maria Ścibor Infinity
Kamila Turkowska
Grzegorz Wierus
Piotr Witkowski
Grzegorz Woźniak
Jakub Wiewiórski
Barbara Zajączkowska
Krzysztof Zalewski
Stanisław Zaremba
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