Oratorio of earth

Multimedia music and dance performance for a choir, a rock band, electronics and dancers.

Composer: Igor Gawlikowski
Director: Tomasz Rodowicz
Choreography: Michał Ratajski
Visulas: Monika Urbańczyk
Costumes: Anna Przybyt
Light: Tomasz Krukowski
Sound: Marcin Dobijański


The Cormorants: Andrzej Hejne, Marcin Witkowski, Igor Gawlikowski, Jacek "Tuńczyk" Fedorowicz, Krzysztof "Konik" Konieczny, Piotr "Bluesman" Jankowski, Artur "Gaja" Krawczyk

Singers: Olga Chojak, Joanna Skowrońska

Dancers: Janusz Adam Biedrzycki, Emilia Biskupik, Majka Justyna, Aleksandra Korniejenko, Sara Kozłowska, Adam Kuza, Małgorzata Lipczyńska, Ewa Otomańska, Natalia Sobkiewicz

CHOREA Theatre Choir: Joanna Chmielecka, Katarzyna Haniszewska, Agnieszka Krzemińska, Anna Przybyt, Aleksandra Rutowicz, Justyna Sobieraj-Bednarek, Aleksandra Szałek, Elina Toneva, Paulina Tralewska, Maciej Bednarek, Marcin Kobyliński, Tomasz Krzyżanowski

Premiere: 23.09.2017, Festival Perspektywy 2017, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz

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"This is the end of the world in which human belonged to the Nature."

"Oratorio of earth" is a multimedia musical and dance performance, for a choir, a rock band, electronics and dancers, inspired by the culture of primeval Slavs, referring to the roots of culture from borderland of Christianity.

In this project we want to recall the original beauty and strength of Nature, from the times when human was its inseparable tissue. But today - when a man exploits the Earth to the limits of Her strength - he becomes the most dangerous threat to himself. Now is the time for us to start seeking for the tools to restore the living relationship betwen man and Nature, and to regain hope for everyone - that it is not too late for us.

In the performance the audience can hear a contemporary music composed by Igor Gawlikowski, performed by the legendary rock band Kormorany / The Cormorants, for years associated with the avant-garde music and theatre scene of Wrocław. The band is accompanied by singers and ethnologists: Olga Chojak and Joanna Skowrońska, and CHOREA Theatre Choir - known for his contemporary interpretations of traditional and folk music from various parts of the world. Oratorio is not the next folk music presentation. It is a multimedia performance, inspired by archaic songs and techniques of their fulfillment. Together with organic and dynamic choreography, performed by dancers from CHOREA Theater and KIJO Dance Theatre, and poetic visualizations of nature, the performance creates a colorful and multidimensional image of our ancestors.

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