Metaphysical miniopera

Concept and direction: Tomasz Rodowicz
Scenario and dramaturgy: Katarzyna Knychalska, Tomasz Rodowicz
Music: Tomasz Krzyżanowski
Scenography: Tomasz Rodowicz
Choreography: Joanna Jaworska-Maciaszek
Light: Tomasz Kubiak
Sound: Marcin Dobijański
Photos: HaWa

Cast: Joanna Chmielecka, Bartosz Figurski, Joanna Jaworska-Maciaszek, Majka Justyna, Michał Jóźwik, Aleksandra Kugacz-Semerci, Tomasz Rodowicz, Mertcan Semerci / Tomasz Hołubowicz, Daria Szymańska

String quartet Befane: Kamila Wójcicka-Maciaszczyk (first violin), Małgorzata Kwaśniak / Barbara Solnica (second violin), Małgorzata Sielatycka-Sobczyk (viola), Zofia Łęczycka (chello)

Premiere: 24.08.2018, International Theatre Festival Retroperspektywy 2018: Theatre between Words, Art_Inkubator in Fabryka Sztuki in Lodz


Watch the photos by HaWa

Watch the teaser by Rami Shaya


' Metaphysical mini-opera' stands a question about human subjectivity in post-human times. In 30 years, artificial intelligence will become independent of man, and man, thanks to the latest technologies, will be able to eliminate illnesses and gain immortality. This is not science fiction, it is already happening. Who will be a man in the era of machines? How to define our identity? Should we look for meanings and messages in the greatest texts of humanity? Should we follow what man has created? Follow what already begins to elude human hands, and at the same time gives humanity hope for immortality? Or maybe we need to seek the most important knowledge in what is stored in our body? We must ask such questions today, before it is too late...


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